Nahanni Butte is named for the mountain that watches over the hamlet. Its traditional name is Tthennáágó meaning "Strong rock". If you are planning a summer visit, you'll want to call ahead for a river taxi, but in the winter access is via ice road across the Liard River. Nahanni Butte is home to just over 100 South Slavey Dene.

The Kaska and Naha Dene used this area for centuries, but it became permanently settled in the late 1950s when the government relocated people from a settlement at Netla River.

With its proximity to Blackstone Territorial Park and river access, Nahanni Butte is a common stop for paddlers exiting their trip in the Nahanni National Park Reserve.

During your stay in Nahanni Butte, don't miss out on a chance to hike its namesake mountain for incredible views of the community and surrounding landscape.

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