Our biggest town above the treeline, "Tuk" juts boldly into the Arctic Ocean. In fact, its name comes from the Inuvialuktun word meaning resembling a caribou and it has the distinction of being the first community in Canada to revert to its traditional name. Over the years it has served as a base for Inuvialuit caribou and beluga hunting, a DEW Line radar site, and a centre of oil and gas exploration. Today it welcomes visitors, who tour the nearby "pingo" hills, sample traditional foods (like muktuk!), and, of course, cool their heels in the chilly sea. Access and the new all-season highway from Inuvik which opened in November 2017.

This traditional Inuvialuit hamlet of about 900 people sits right on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. Because of its remoteness, Tuk is a prime place to experience the contrast between traditional and modern lifestyles.

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